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Fuel Injection Pump Surge Tank EFI

Part # : 800-1414
Fuel Pump Surge Module for use on performance fuel injection swaps such as LS V8 or RB conversions. With this module you do not need to modify the stock fuel tank with a sump or baffles. Simply retain the stock low pressure carburetor pump and add this module/pump in the engine bay. Rated to 800HP. The HyperFuel Single Pump G-Surge Tank is designed to be used in vehicles that have fuel starvation issues when being used in extreme lateral G-force environments. Typically, this is due to poor fuel tank baffling in the existing fuel tank. The G-Surge eliminates that problem. The pump in the G-Surge never gets uncovered because it receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system as well as the fuel returning from the fuel injection system. So your system maintains a constant flow of fuel. Since the G-surge is constantly circulating fuel to and from your tank, your fuel pump stays cooler and will have a longer life. The fuel pump noise is also muffled by being submerged in fuel 100% of the time. The G-surge is also the best way to provide the necessary increase in fuel volume when adding a power adder, such as boost or nitrous to your engine.
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Weight (lbs)6.5000
Part #800-1414
Model(s)LS V8, LS1, LS2, LS3
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