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Pertronix Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit 240Z

Part # : 800-364
New Pertronix Ignitor electronic igniton conversion kit.
New Pertronix Ignitor electronic igniton conversion kit. Will fit Datsun 1970-73 240Z. Replaces points.
-Delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy, and spark plug life.
-2:1 improvement over points in current fall time for increased coil output.
-Rotating cobalt magnets trigger a Hall Effect integrated circuit . points to burn, moving parts to wear out.
-Epoxy molding makes our module impervious to dirt, oil, grease and moisture.
-Fits entirely inside the distributor.
-No "black box to clutter the engine compartment.
-Stable timing need for any adjustments.
-Will trigger most multi-spark CD ignitions.
-Use with Flame-Thrower® 40,000 volt coil for optimal performance.
- -Legal in all 50 states and Canada (C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-2). -Guaranteed for 30 months...
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Weight (lbs)0.2500
Part #800-364
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