Copper Racing Manifold Gasket Intake Exhaust 240Z 280Z

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Part #: 650-220

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Copper manifold gasket for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX, 1970-83. These gaskets are exact copies of the OEM Nissan manifold gaskets. The copper is .065" thick and has not been anealed. These gaskets are great for Turbo and high performance use ase they will not burn or blow out and they are reusable and portable. Great for port matching to your manifolds.

PT# 220= 240Z/260Z 1970-74

PT# 221= 280Z 1975-83

*Note, the 75-76 N42 head has square exhaust ports. We recommend the #221 as the exhaust port shape is not much different and the intake ports are cut for injectors. Ultimatly it is up to you to decide which gasket to use.