Head Gasket Cometic High Performance Priddy 280Z 280ZX

Brand: Z-Car Depot

Part #: 800-2226-027

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New Cometic head gasket custom designed by Jeff Priddy for L series 6-cylinder high horsepower and boosted engines.

Product Description:

-The gasket was designed to improve the water flow through the cylinder head and address the heat related issues associated with higher horse power L series in-line 6 cylinder engines, (specifically the L28 engine).

-The gasket is designed to be compatible with a stock application engine, as well engines that produce up to 1000 horse power.


 -The gasket is designed to fully and completely seal each cylinder with a single embossment of each cylinder, and does away with the siamese embossing of the current product being offered in the market place.

 -The gasket is designed to provide the improved/increased clamping area of the gasket in between cylinders based on the maximum allowable bore diameter of the engine block.

 -The cylinder offset boring has been taken into consideration, and provisions of gasket to cylinder alignment to provide the very best fitment of each cylinder to head gasket mating area.

 -The gasket is designed to accommodate stock stud/head bolts with provisions designed into the part to accept an 11 millimeter stud for improved head clamping, of approximately 3000-3500 pounds of clamping force, utilizing an 11 millimeter stud from Automotive Racing Products.

 -The gasket is designed to provide the very best clamping of the cylinder head, and removes all of the gasket voids designed into the stock Nissan gasket, and the Cometic gasket for that matter.

 -The fastening of the individual layers of the gasket has been improved via the securing rivets, to ensure uniform clamping of all layer components of the gasket.

 -The gasket also addresses the oil leakage/seeping that is prevalent to the oil passage on the side of the engine block.

-The water leaking to the head studs/bolts have also been addressed with a complete embossing around each stud/bolt thread in the block to provide a total seal of the fastener from any water leaks of the head gasket that damage the fasteners and engine block.

 -The gasket is a significant design improvement of the Tomei head gasket, the Kamalari head gasket, and the obsolete HKS head gasket, as well the stock Nissan head gasket.

 The gasket offers a complete solution for all related issues to the products being offered currently in the market place for all engine applications of the L series Nissan engine.

*Available in .027" or .040" thickness.