Intake Manifold Aftermarket Performance EFI 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX

Brand: Z-Car Depot Inc

Part #: 14/90 Black

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$799.00 799.00
New custom fabricated aluminum intake manifold with throttle body and fuel rail for Datsun L series 6-cylinder engines.   Intakes will come with a fuel rail that accepts modern 14mm size injectors and a choice of 75mm or 90mm throttle body.
  • Angled Plenum/Runners: improves air flow smooth transition into head allows easier access to Header/DownPipe for maintenance. 
  • Less Heat soak due to reduced heat absorption properties of materials (when compared to stock and other aftermarket manifolds).
  • CNC BILLET Flange with built-in CNC MILLED velocity stacks runners to minimize eddy turbulence and promote nearly even cylinder head aspiration at all ports.
  • Gorgeous Fabrication: TIG welded Aluminum
  • Bolts and Fittings included.
  • Vacuum ports: 4 on the top/side to support vacuum-based accessories and accurate MAP readings.
  • Durable Finish
  • 38mm runner Diameter