Oil PCV Catch Can Universal Compact Crankcase Vent

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Part #: 800-1693

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New black aluminum 1 liter catch can. Use this can in line with your PCV system to keep oil from re-entering the engine. Universal for use on any car.

This catch can has a tube that will lead the oil to the bottom of the can and internal baffling to keep the oil there. Extremely efficient design that keeps the oil in the can without using the steel wool mesh that has been know to let loose steel pieces that can end up in your engine and damage it. This is as good as it gets in modern catch can design! Catch the oil and moisture that are caused by engine blow by gasses that cause sludge and carbon buildup inside the engines intake tract, heads, and valves especially on turbocharged cars and trucks. The oil catch can will keep your engine clean and at peak performance for years to come! Available in multiple colors

Specifications: • Case length: 5 1/2 inches, with filter: 7 1/2 inches. . Case width: 2 3/4 inches. . 2 inlets on top of case. Comes with 4 barbs. Two for 3/8 hose, Two for 1/2 hose. . Comes with the side sight glass to know the oil level in the catch can. . exclusive BAFFLED design to keep the oil in the bottom of the catch can and out of the engine. . comes with a universal mounting bracket for easy mounting. . can be used as a radiator overflow. Block off plug will need to be supplied by buyer for one of the outlets.