Piston Notch Tool Valve Relief "L" Engine 240Z 280Z

Brand: vendor-unknown

Part #: 800-1580/1581-1580= Intake 44mm

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Piston notching tools custom made for "L" series Datsun engines. These tools mount up in the cylinder head and cut valve reliefs into the pistons. Needed when using high compression pistons or high lift camshafts. One tool for intake and one tool for exhaust. These tools are setup for clearancing 44mm intake aned 35mm exhaust valves. Custom sizes are available by special order. Includes 8mm shaft for use with stock guides.

The tool is designed to be placed in the head with the cylinder head installed on the engine with pistons installed in the engine. Using a drill lower the tool to the desired depth for cutting into the piston. Both intake and exhaust reliefs can be cut and then moved to the next cylinder.

Made in USA.

1580= 44mm Intake (tool head is 45.8mm)

1581= 35mm Exhaust (tool head is 36.8mm)