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Corrosion protection kit consists of a aerosol can nozzle with a 36" extension hose with a 6-way nozzle on the end that can spray 360 degrees in tight quarters. Also includes a short 5" nozzle. Perfect tool for spraying into the rocker area after doing repairs to seal up the metal. The 360 degree head is only 1/4" diameter so by drilling a small hole tight areas can be coated. This nozzle fits our "Quick Dry Rubberized Undercoat" but I cannot say for sure what other brands the nozzle will fit on. I cleaning solvent is also available if you want to clean & reuse the wand. The Quick Dry rubberized Undercoat is a large 11.75 oz aerosol can that covers good & dries quickly. Two cans is generally enough to do the entire underneath of a Z car. Acry Solvent is the product used for cleaning out the "wand", also works great for adhesive, tar & wax removal. 17-oz aerosol can.

*Works great for spraying into areas (rockers) that are not accessable.  

Model(s) 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 510
Year(s) 1970-1983
Condition New

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