Datsun Z car

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Super Trim Adhesive Yellow 19oz Interior Panels
Part #: 800-233
3M Yellow Super Trim Adhesive. 19oz aerosal can. Glue for attaching interior materials. Exceptional ..
3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Trim Glue Black Weatherstripping
Part #: 800-237
3M Super Weatherstrip & Gasket Adhesive, 5 oz tube, black. Great for attaching most anything to ..
Weatherstrip Adhesive and Activator 240Z 260Z 280Z Weatherstripping
Part #: 650-189
Z car depot has found this flexible adhesive to be the best/ most affective adhesive on the market. ..
Adhesive Accelerator 2 oz  Weatherstripping
Part #: 800-889
Quick set adhesive accelerator.  Works with our rubber glue for quick dry time.   ..