Fuel Tank Gauge Sending Unit Sender 240Z 260Z 280Z 70-78

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Part #: 800-952

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New fuel tank sending unit for 1970-1974 Datsun 240Z and 260Z as well as 75-76 280Z*.   Choose from OEM Nissan or aftermarket part.  If your fuel gauge is not working or working erratically, the fuel sender is most likely the problem. Installs in the front passenger side of the fuel tank. Removal of the tank should not be required to install the sender. Just be sure your gas tank is close to empty before removing the old sending unit.

1977-78 280Z uses the sending unit that drops in the top of the tank, 3 wire connector.

Aftermarket unit includes O-ring, OEM does not include O-ring.

*75-76 280Z has a 3 wire connector for the sending unit, the 240Z sender only uses 2 wires.  Use your solid yellow and black wire from the 280Z harness to connect to this sender.   Low fuel light (if applicable) may not function with this sender.  

Connector PT# 800-1124, O-ring PT# 200-409.