Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z stock replacemnt and performance parts for the rear differential and axles.  Seals and bearings for the R180 and R200.  We have custom billet axles available inner and outer.  
R180 bearing and seal rebuild kit with.  Choose from kits made up of OEM or aftermarket bearings. 650-218:...
New OEM Genuine Nissan nut for mounting the mustache bar to the R180 rear differential. Two required per...
New vent with 1/8" pipe threads for venting a differential or transmission. Universal part, just needs 1/8" pipe...
Differential bearing for R200 pinion gear. This is the front bearing (see #31) on the pinion gear. The...
Rear wheel bearing for Datsun 510 sedan inner and outer (68-73) and 280ZX inner only (79-83). Will fit...
New OEM genuine Nissan rear axle seal for Datsun 510 1968-73 and 280ZX 1979-83. This fits on the...
New OEM genuine Nissan front differential ball bearing for R180. There are three bearings that go on the...
Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z stainless steel differential bar washers. New pair of stainless steel mustache bar mount washers....
OEM genuine Nissan rear mount bolt. This bolt is used on the front differential/control arm bushing bracket. See...
Rear axle seal for Datsun 510 (68-73) and 280ZX (79-83). This seal is on the outboard stub axle,...
OEM Genuine Nissan R200 axle bearing. Will fit right or left axle. This bearing works in R200 differentials...
New side bearing (axle) for R180 differentials. Will fit Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z with R180 rearend. Taper...
Redline Friction Modifier & Break-In Additive - 4 oz. Redline Friction Modifier is highly recommended for Limited Slip...
New outer rear wheel bearing for Datsun 280ZX, 1979-83. This is the outer most bearing on the outer...
Differential cover gasket for Datsun 510 wagon, 1968-73. This gasket is for the solid axle diff.
New OEM Nissan ring gear bolt for R200 rear differential. This is a special size high strength bolt...
New Ford 8.8 front differential bushing for Explorer rear diffs. Rubber bushing with metal sleeve.
New OEM genuine Nissan rear differential cover bolt for the R180. This is an M8 bolt with UHL...
Rear axle seal for Datsun 510 wagon with solid axle.
Perfect for transmissions, differentials, gear cases, crankcases, etc.  Great for filling or extracting, works like a giant syringe. ...
Nord lock washer in 8mm or 10mm. This is a two piece locking washer that has been proven...
Bolt for the rear cover on R180 differentials. This is an M10 fine thread bolt for the R180....
New OEM genuine Nissan differential axle bearing for R180. This will fit right or left side. See #30...
Rear axle seal for Datsun 510 sedan and wagon, 1968-73.
Rear axle bearing spacer for Datsun 510 Sedan 1968-73.  Fits in between the rear axle bearings to establish...
New OEM genuine Nissan front pinion bearing for R200 differentials. *See # 31 in the diagram for part...
R180 differential pinion gear bearing for the outer (front) of the pinion gear. The R180 differential was the...
New OEM Genuine Nissan front pinion bearing for the R180 differential. There are three bearings on the pinion...
Driven oil analysis test kit. If you've been wondering how often you should change your oil, let science...
Rear axle bearing spacer for Datsun 510 wagon with solid rear axle.
New OEM genuine Nissan rear pinion bearing for the R200 and R180 differential. The pinion gear has a...
New OEM genuine Nissan carrier cap bolt for R200 rear differentials. Four bolts required per rear end.
New Ford 8.8 pinion gear nut. Fits IRS and solid axle 8.8.
Ford 8.8 explorer front mount insulator rubber. This is a thick piece of rubber that works like a...
Ford 8.8 explorer differential axle seal. This seal fits Explorer 8.8 IRS diffs only.

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