Wiring Harness Clip Frame Body Tab 240Z 260Z 280Z 510

Brand: Z-Car Depot Inc

Part #: 800-515

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New weld on wiring holders for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 510.  These steel tabs are modeled after the originals with a larger hole at the base for a plug weld.  A 240Z uses approximately 80 of these tabs throughout the car.  The most popular size used is the "Short" tab at 65mm.  The "long" (100mm) tab is the longest used, but can be cut down to any size.  The "Dual" tab is used for the main wiring harness and more prevalent on the 280Z.

Black SCL shrink tube for applying the original looking black coating to the metal tabs.  This is a special encapsulant-lined shrink tube that is thicker and stronger than standard shrink tube.  Can be installed with a heat gun so it can be easily applied anywhere on the car without damaging paint or making a mess. The short/long use one size of shrink where the dual tab uses a different size.  Sold by the foot (order qty 1 for 12" or qty 2 for 24" ...)