Tie Rod End Inner Outer Datsun 510 Steering

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New tie rod ends for Datsun 510 1968-73.  Choose from inner and outer, left and right.  There has been much confusion on these components as there are left hand and right hand threads, along with left and right side.  To increase the confusion these tie rods can also be moved from left to right on the car and still function correctly.  To multiply the confusion you can have a left or right hand drive car !!!

 In order to simplify things and be sure you get the correct part we will be selling these tie rods as long or short, LH or RH threads and 10mm or 12mm thread size.  Long tie rods are the inners and short tie rods are the outers.  Thread size is available in 10mm and 12mm on the male thread..  We believe the 10mm to be for early 1968 cars and the 12mm is for late 68-73.   You decide which components you need for your specific car.  

A full set of tie rods will consist of:

1 long tie rod LH thread

1 long tie rod RH thread

1 short tie rod LH thread

1 short tie rod RH thread

With your correct thread size of 10mm or 12mm (male threaded stud).

*Pictures may not match description of part.