Air Intake Hose Elbow Throttle Body AFM MAF 280Z 280ZX

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Part #: 800-1232

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New replacement silicone air intake hose. This hose fits in between the throttle body and the air flow meter on Datsun 280Z and 280ZX, 1975-1983. This hose is different from the MAF to the air cleaner as this hose is different sizes on each end. The throttle body came in two different sizes as far as the outside diameter of the inlet for 280Z and 280ZX. You will need to measure your throttle body as there is only a small difference (2.25" Vs 2.375"). If you are using an aftermarket large throttle body (Borla) you will need the PT# 931, 2.75" to 2.75" as the large throttle body has the 2.75" (70mm) outside diameter. This hose has no provisions for connecting the stock PCV hose.  The original clamps can be reused on this hose.