Air Intake MAF AFM Hose OEM 280Z 280ZX

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Part #: 200-818

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OEM genuine Nissan rubber air flow meter hose. This air intake boot will fit Datsun 280Z and 280ZX, 1975-83 (non turbo). This boot has a single auxiliary hole . The two hole version is no longer available. So this boot will bolt up to your intake for 75-83, just may have a different number of aux holes. This rubber boot connects between the throttle body and air flow meter. There were two different size throttle bodies made, 2.25" and 2.375", this hose will fit the 2.375" throttle body. These boots are almost always cracked out on the bottom side and can cause engine drivability problems if leaking. The picture is of the actual item.

*See PT# 200-810 for big end clamp.