Battery Tender Jr. Automatic Storage Charger 12V

Brand: vendor-unknown

Part #: 800-1483

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Great charger for that winter storage or cars that do not get driven often. The Battery Tender® Junior offers much more than a trickle charger could offer. It has a brain. It's lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are! Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell). Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode). Automatically switches to float / maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery. If the battery voltage drops too far under load, full charger output power resumes. Solid state two color LED indicates stage of charger. Spark proof. Safety timer: 80 Hrs. Reverse polarity protected. 12' output cord.