Chamois Drying Cloth Car Wash

Brand: Z Car Depot Inc

Part #: 800-2129

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Water Sprite synthetic chamois drying cloth.  This is what you need for drying your car.  I have been hand washing cars for over 40 years and this particuler brand of synthetic chamois is the only one to use for easy streak free drying.  Forget about those microfiber towels which give you carpel tunnel from wringing out or that chamois you got from the local auto parts store which you cant even slide across the car without it wadding up.  This chamois will last for years.  When mine show wear or get thin I use them for wiping engines or door jambs (dirtier areas).  

Try this chamois, you will thank me. 

"But a chamois will scratch my paint":  I have never seen a chamois scratch paint unless you drop it in the gravel and then wipe your car with it.  If the paint is so soft that a clean, wet chamois will scratch it, the paint probably needs to be baked longer.