Driven HR5 10W-40 Engine Oil with ZDDP Zinc

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Driven racing oils HR5 10W-40 conventional oil. HR5 is an advanced petroleum engine oil that has been formulated to provide maximum protection and performance in classic engines. Excellent oil for your vintage car with the proper amount of fast burn ZDDP (zinc) to ensure your engine has critical anti-wear protection. HR oil also incorporates U.S. military spec rust and corrosion inhibitors to provide unmatched engine protection during storage periods. Excellent year round oil for your L series engine.

Oil additives (the Zinc Mystery): BALANCE IS BEST More is not better. If some ZDDP (Zinc) is good, then more has to be better, right? Nope. I know this runs counter to most of the thinking in the performance marketplace, but when it comes to lubrication, balance trumps more. Too much of any one thing in a lubricant, or even the lubricant itself, is damaging. Too much ZDDP can actually increase wear. Too much viscosity can starve parts of the lubricant they needs (see the 4 “R’s” from item 1), and too much lubricant itself causes churning which increases operating temperatures. Overfilling an engine by just one quart of oil can raise the oil temperature 40°. The number one reason for failed, overheated bearings is overfilling the bearing with grease. The more is not better mantra also applies to aftermarket additives. Even though the parts store has a wall full of miracle chemicals in a bottle, just keep walking. If you think your current lubricant is deficient, don’t try to find and additive to “fix” it – just use an oil designed for the application. When an oil is designed for the application, it does not need “more” additives or anything else. Also, know that putting an additive in an oil is like playing chemical Russian roulette. If the additive and the lubricant don’t mix properly, you will have less lubrication than if you had done nothing. This especially applies to ZDDP additives and other “motor oil supplements.” Again, just use an oil designed for your equipment, and you are on the right path. -Lake Speed Jr. is a Certified Lubrication Specialist at Driven Racing Oil