Electric Fuel Pump Fuel Injection OEM 280Z 280ZX 75-83

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Part #: 200-696

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New OEM Genuine Nissan electric fuel pump for fuel injection. Datsun 280Z and 280ZX, 1975-83 (non turbo). This is a factory Nissan pump direct replacement for Datsun Z cars with fuel injection.   The electric fuel pump can be the root of all problems on a fuel injection car if it is not working properly. If your 280Z or 280ZX had been setting more than a few years, you will probably need a new electric fuel pump. You also want to be sure your newly installed pump is grounded well and has a good 12V power source to function properly. Stock replacement fuel pump.  Designed to operate between 30-40psi, max pressure 50-60psi.  We have been selling these OEM fuel pump for 10+ years and all of them come to us from Nissan double bagged and they have a fluid in them.  We assume a test fluid, so when you get the pump and it is wet, this is normal.

* We occasionally see new fuel pumps fail and most of the time it is because of debris in the tank clogging or damaging the pump. This OE pump is more susceptible to clogging and failing because of a small filter on the inlet side that can clog easily from a dirty tank. 

We recommend a fuel filter between the tank and pump such as the 800-773 to prevent the pump from becoming clogged.  Use with 7/16" fuel hose.

Returned pumps will be tested and returns will be pro-rated as store credit.