Fuel Injection Rail Kit with Regulator EFI 280Z 280ZX

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Part #: 650-308

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Fuel injection fuel rail and regulator kit. Includes all of the components to replace the original fuel rail and pressure regulator on your 1975-83 Datsun 280Z with factory fuel injection. Your original rubber fuel hoses will connect to the inlet side of the rail and the return line connects out of the regulator. Includes all fittings and the adjustable fuel pressure regulator. There are different options for the fuel rail: stock injectors or newer style 14mm O-ring injectors as well as a rail mounted regulator or remote mount.  The rail mount regulator fits good on 75-78 280Z but can interfere with the firewall on the 79-83 280ZX, so the remote regulator is recommended for the 280ZX .   *Aluminum fuel rails may have scuffs or scrapes from the machining process.

*Does not include injectors.

* We recommend our fuel pressure gauge with this system so that correct fuel pressure can be set (PT# 650-307)

*Regulators may be red or black depending on availability.