Fuel Injection Retrofit Kit FAST EFI 280Z 280ZX

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FAST fuel injection replacement kit for Datsun 280Z and 280ZX (non-turbo) 1975-1983. The latest technology fuel injection control that bolts right up to your 75-83 280Z (non turbo). Finally you can get rid of all of the obsolete and outdated fuel injection components on your 40+ year old Datsun 280Z. This system is designed for the daily driver that is tired of their fuel injection not working as it should and just want to enjoy driving their car. Simple to use and eliminates all stock sensors and replaces them with easy to find modern sensors. This kit is designed to be used with your stock fuel injectors and replace all of the components that run the injectors. This FAST EFI handheld system is self tuning so that no computers or tuning knowledge is needed. Simply input the engine data on the handheld touch screen and the ECU does the tuning. Typically within 50 miles of driving the engine is fully tuned. This sytem is also capable of being run with larger cams, larger injectors, headers or any engine mods, will support up to 650HP.  Installation time is about two hours. This kit is designed for the L28 fuel injection engine but can also be used on L24/L26 if you upgrade the fuel system (high pressure) and use an L28 manifold with injectors. This is a fuel management system only, the stock ignition system will not be effected. If your car is not equipped with an oxygen sensor the kit includes a weld in bung which will need to be installed in the exhaust system. This system is not for turbo cars.


-FAST EFI handheld kit: This is our original kit that includes a handheld LCD screen for controlling the EFI and includes everything to convert your 280Z to modern EFI quick and easy.


Kits will include:

-FAST EFI ECU, wiring harness and touchscreen (touchscreen not included with "Street" kit).

-All sensors and adaptors to connect the L28 engine to the FAST ECU. (TPS, Oxygen, MAP, Coolant, IAC, RPM Module)

-AFM delete pipe

(retain stock fuel pump and injectors)

*Parts that will be removed from the original system:

ECU, Air flow meter, All sensors, Original wiring harness to sensors and ECU.