Head Gasket Cometic MLS Thick 89mm L28 280Z

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Part #: 800-972-.040

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Cometic MLS head gasket, 89mm for L28. (Non Turbo).   Choose from .040" or .045" thickness.


Cometic MLS (multi-layer-steel) head gaskets are ideal for any combination of head and cylinder materials. Cometic MLS head gaskets are comprised of two embossed viton coated stainless steel outer layers and a variable stainless center layer. The variable center layer allows us to create multiple gasket thickness options. No re-torque is required after initial torque set. Cometic MLS head gaskets provide unmatched sealing under a wide range of conditions and do well with high boost turbo applications. Thicker versions are available to reduce compression as well. Thicker gaskets also allow for correct piston-to-head clearance when pistons stick out of the block.


Cometic Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets go on dry because they are coated with a sealant. Each MLS head gasket is coated with a .001" thick viton rubber that is bonded to the outer stainless steel layers. Adding an additional sealer can hinder the performance of an MLS head gasket.