Piston Set Flat Top L20B Performance

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Part #: 800-1010

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New set of 6 pistons with rings and pins for L20B engines.  These are the later 280ZX pistons in a true flat top for higher compression in your l20B 4-cylinder.  This is a set of 6 pistons, only way they come so you will have two extra pistons.  Available in standard and .020" oversize 280ZX which is a L20B (85mm bore) will need to be bored 1mm oversize to use the stock 280ZX (86mm bore) piston.  Get the .020" oversize for a L20B with a 86.5mm bore.  

This piston should add approx 1 point of compression over the standard dish piston found in a stock L20B.  This will vary depending on the cylinder head used.  

*Check out our tapered ring compressor PT# 800-2132 for easy piston installation.