Thermostat Housing Coolant Neck Billet 280Z 280ZX

Brand: Z-Car Depot Inc

Part #: 650-369

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New billet aluminum water outlet thermostat housing for Datsun 280Z and 280ZX with 3 bolt neck.  These are stock replacement parts so they will work along with your OEM components.  The 3-bolt water outlet has been discontinued for years so now we have a replacement.  Billet milled finish.  Choose from upper neck, lower housing or complete assembly with bolts.  Complete assy uses bolts with 12mm heads.

*These components are compatible with the originals.

*Related gaskets PT# 800-022 and 800-024

* NPT Plugs:  1/4"= 800-1570, 3/8"= 800-1571