Throttle Sensor Conversion Bracket Haltech FAST Megasquirt TPS

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Part #: 650-255

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Conversion bracket for using a GM TPS sensor (0-5V) on the stock fuel injection throttle body of Datsun 280Z and 280ZX, 1975-83. The stock throttle position sensor was basically a simple on/off switch which is not compatible with modern EFI systems. This bracket allows the use of a common GM TPS which produces a 0-5 volt signal. Works with most all EFI conversion ECU's including: Holley, FAST, Megasquirt and Haltech. This bracket works with our PT# 800-429 TPS (not included). Includes mounting screws.

* The GM TPS PT# 800-429 has a slightly larger "D" shaped slot than the shaft of the original 280Z. The adjustment of this bracket allows the ability to pre-load the sensor without any slop from the shaft to sensor.