Wilwood Disc Brake Proportioning Valve

Brand: Wilwood

Part #: 800-861

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Wilwood’s new Combination Proportioning Valve substantially simplifies mounting, plumbing, wiring and brake proportioning adjustments on vehicles with custom brake systems. The combination block maintains full isolation between front and rear fluid circuits and can be used in conjunction with any tandem outlet or dual mount master cylinder assemblies. The rear circuit has a single inlet and single outlet with the adjustable proportioning valve. The front circuit has a single inlet with two outlets. It can be run as a single outlet with one outlet plugged, or used to split the plumbing on its way to the front calipers.

Wilwood MASTER CYLINDERS and ACCESSORIES Proportioning Valve - Knob Adjust, 3/8-24 IF Combo w/ switch.

*This is not a stock replacment valve, will require rerouting original lines to work on a Z or 510.


*PT# 800-793 is the adaptor to convert these 3/8" fittings to M10.