Power Brake Booster 7" Kit and Parts 240Z 70-73 NEW

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The power brake booster for 1970-72 240Z's is virtually impossible to find new or remanufactured these days. The problem with swapping another booster onto your 240Z is that it will require drilling a new bolt pattern into the firewall. This gets messy because it often gets into the pedal box assembly and is not a desirable fit. Our solution is to make an adaptor bracket that can be welded onto another booster and will fit the stock firewall bolt pattern. To install the adaptor it will require cutting the studs off of our booster (or another) and welding the adaptor plate to the back of the booster. We have done this successfully many times without burning the booster diaphragm. The adaptor plate is made out of stainless steel with the correct 240Z mounting pattern. 

Our booster is a new 7" style yellow zinc color that is a good stock replacement booster (requires re-drilling firewall or installing our weld on adaptor plate). This booster uses a 3/8" thread for the clevis (so your original clevis will not work). With our master cylinder adaptor plate your stock master cylinder will bolt right up.  

#1 is the complete conversion kit.  All items 2-7 are individal parts of the kit available for purchase separately.  


1.  New 7" Power Booster with weld plate (requires welding) and all parts needed for conversion. Includes all parts listed below #2-7.

2. New 7" Power Brake Booster ONLY (incorrect mounting bolt pattern), no extras.

3. New S.S. booster to firewall adaptor bracket (weld on)

4. New billet aluminum master cylinder adaptor plate

5. New rubber gasket to firewall (stock 240Z pattern)

6. New 3/8" clevis

7. Master cylinder rod extension

*Late 1973 240's may have a different mounting bolt pattern. If your car originally had a 7" booster then this kit should work.