Power Brake Booster 7" 240Z 70-73 NEW

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Part #: 650-178

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New power brake booster for Datsun 240Z 1970- early 1973. Stock replacement power booster. We put together this custom booster for the 240Z because the 240Z can only use the 7" diameter booster which are no loger available and the 240Z has a different mounting bolt pattern than 1974-78. We use a new yellow zinc coated 7" booster and provide adaptor plates to work with the stock firewall bolt pattern as well as retaining the stock master cylinder. New rubber gasket seal for the firewall is included as well as a new clevis which is 3/8" threads instead of the original clevis which is 10mm. This brake booster will be stock appearing but not identical to the original. No modifications required to the firewall. You will need to reuse your stock adjustable master cylinder rod. We try to keep this item in stock but since it is a custom made part there may be a 3-5 day delay in shipping.

Kit Includes:

-New 7" Booster customized to fit 70-73 240Z

-New billet aluminum master cylinder adaptor plate

-New rubber gasket to firewall

-New 3/8" clevis

*Late 1973 240's may have a different mounting bolt pattern. If your car originally had a 7" booster than this one should work.