Battery Tray Area Sheet Metal Patch 240Z 260Z 280Z

Brand: vendor-unknown

Part #: 800-1391

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Replacement sheet metal for the area under the battery tray. Designed to fit Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z, 1970-78. This is a weld in replacement piece for the battery tray area. It is made from 18 gauge mild steel. This unit is made to be a "close" fit and will require some massaging and manipulation of the edges since each car is a bit different. There will also be variances do to how you cut out the rusted section of your car in preparation to install this new piece. Some basic fabrication skills will be required. Make sure not to overcut your vehicle because then you will need to add extra material to get everything welded up. Remember you can always cut more if the initial cut is not enough and you can always trim this new piece. In fact, you will likely trim this new piece which can be easily done will a set of tinsnips. Battery shelf is not included. *This is a weld in piece that is not intended to be an exact match to the OEM section. Trimming and massaging will likely be required.