Brake Line Kit Stainless Steel 240Z 1970-72

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Part #: 800-345

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Datsun 240Z stainless steel brake lines. Stainless Steel 8-pc brake line kit. Will fit 1969- to June of 1972 Datsun 240Z. Made in USA out of Stainless Steel. Pre bent tubing includes: (1)- Left Front, (1) Left Rear, (1)- Right Front, (1)- Right Rear, (2)- Master Cylinder, (1)- Front to Rear chassis line, (1) Front part of front to rear chassis. A couple of the lines will require straightening once removed from the box. Make this the last time you replace brake lines on your Z car. (Inlet lines & transfer tubes are not included. They are sold seperately).

* This kit includes an extra line for the master cylinder so it will work with all 70-72 stock master cylinder scenarios.  It is normal to have an extra line left over once the kit is installed.