Brake Master Cylinder 1" Wilwood 240Z 260Z 280Z

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New Wilwood 1" bore brake master cylinder.   Can be used with remote resorvoirs or directly on the master (like original).  Will fit 1970 to 1978 Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z . This master will work in place of the original with slight elongation of the mounting holes. Use this master cylinder when upgrading to larger brakes or rear disc brakes on your Z. Includes rod and rubber sealing boot.  Adaptors sold separately for adapting stock Datsun metric brake lines to the Wilwood 3/8 SAE threads.  Two fittings required.

*Note:  The master cylinder may or may not have "duckbill" valve installed in the ports.  Wilwood expalins the duckbill valve:

"The duckbill, valve & spring is a residual pressure valve component.  These residual pressure valves are only intended for use with a drum brake system, so in most cases these would be removed. On a classic Z car with factory front discs, rear drum… this residual pressure valve would be removed anyway from the rearward outlet, and left in on the front (nose) outlet.  This valve is only required when the outlet is headed to a circuit with a drum, because it holds 10psi in that line when the master cylinder is otherwise at rest. A disc brake circuit, on the other hand, operates via pressure, so this 10psi can actually cause drag, so this residual pressure valve is unnecessary."