Oil Catch Can PCV Crankcase Breather Kit 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 510

Brand: Z Car Depot Inc

Part #: 650-430

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New universal catch can kit for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX and 510 (engines with 1" engine block vent tube).  We put together this kit based on the most cost effective and functional parts we could find that gave a clean look once installed.  Utilizing heat shrink clamps instead of conventional metal clamps it gives the system a more professional look.  Oil catch cans capture crank case blow by (oil, moisture and contaminants) to prevent it from re-entering the enigne.  Kit includes all components to attach the catch can to 1968-83 L series engines, 4 and 6 cylinder.   Hose will need to be cut to length depending on the users mounting location in the engine bay.  Tank can be mounted anywhere under the hood.

Kit includes:

-Black aluminum, internally baffled can with mesh air filter.  Two 10AN fittings, petcock drain valve included.

- Cloth braided hose 6'. (user cuts to their custom length needed, depending on where the can is mounted))

-10AN fittings for attaching to the can.

- Adaptors and shrink fit hose clamps for connecting to the valve cover elbow and engine block tube.  (Hose clamps shrink to fit using a heat gun).

Easy assembly, no special tools required.  

*Picture is the catch can mounted in a 510, 240Z is similar.