Exhaust Manifold Yoke Washer Stepped for Header 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX

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Part #: 650-052A

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Stepped washer for use with aftermarket headers and intake manifolds on Datsun "L" series engines.  Stepped washers are sold in a set of 6.   These washers are designed for when using an aftermarket header or intake manifold and there is a difference in the flange thickness.  If a stock washer is used with flanges of different thickness's there will not be an equal clamping force on each manifold.  Choose between 3 different washer offsets.  

Choose from aluminum (with SS washer) or hardened steel.

*Size (B) .125" step is the most common when using a 1/2" intake manifold flange to a 3/8" header flange.