Cusco Strut Tower Brace Bar Front Rear 240Z 260Z 280Z

Brand: Z-Car Depot

Part #: 800-1274

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New Cusco strut tower bar for Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z, 1970-78.  Choose from front or rear.  Strut Tower Bars eliminate chassis flex at the most vital area of the car - between the strut towers, essentially to prevent the misalignment of suspension mounting points experienced during high cornering loads. The end result is the suspension performing at its intended optimal condition with the suspension geometry in tact. The Cusco brand Strut Tower Bars not only provides flawless fitment, but are engineered inside and out. The interior of the hollow shafts are carefully designed so that the bars are kept lightweight while providing the most rigid strength.

*Rear bar is for 240Z only.  (280Z is narrower)