Custom Aluminum Driveshaft Propeller 240Z 260Z 280Z

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Part #: 800-alum

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Custom aluminum driveshaft for your 1970-83 Datsun Z car. New aluminum driveshafts use 1310 style U-joints which are about 15% larger than stock Nissan. These aluminum driveshafts can handle 600+ HP.   We can install virtually any transmission yoke and differential flange you need and any length. If you are doing an engine and transmission or rear differential swap we can make a driveshaft that works. Aluminum shafts weigh about 10 #'s and typically are 3" diameter.  

*Due to the larger 1310 U-joint being used the flange may rub on the factory sway bar.   Clearancing of the flange or lowerign of the sway bar may be required. 

* T5 driveshafts cannot be made.  A T5 (Nissan) 1310 slip yoke does not exist.