Door Hinge Bushing Repair Kit 240Z 260Z 280Z 510

Brand: Z Car Depot Inc

Part #: 800-2322

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New door hinge repair kit for Datsun 240Z (260Z/280Z) and 510.  We have kits for early and late style hinges.  Look at the pictures to determine which style you have.  Several options are available for this kit:

1. Basic: Includes 4 brass bushings and 2 metal pins. (Fits: 240Z, 260Z,280Z and 510)

2. Intermediate:  same as full kit but without coil spring. (Choose early 240Z or Late 240Z/260Z/280Z)

3.  Full:  coil spring, plates, bushings and all pins.   (Fits: 240Z and 510) * Not for 260/280