Harmonic Balancer Damper Crankshaft 240Z 260Z 280Z 510

Brand: vendor-unknown

Part #: 800-044

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$91.00 91.00

New harmonic balancer for Datsun L series engines 4 and 6 cylinder 1968-83. Stock replacement performance single groove pulley with two threaded holes for mounting additional pulleys. This is a single groove pulley and the factory Datsun Z pulleys will not bolt up directly to it, so if you have smog or A/C it will require custom fitment of the additional pulleys. Damper weighs 3 # 12 oz, with 5 1/8" diameter.

This balancer has the early style thin groove belt width. We have used this with the wider belt or a thin belt can be used with your existing wider pulleys, personal preference.

* These balancers have ben tested and have the correct fitment onto your crankshaft.