Isky High Performance Racing Camshaft Cam 240Z 260Z 280Z

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Part #: 800-1377

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Isky racing camshaft for Datsun L24, L26 and L28 engines. Two versions available for street and track use.  New cams require the use of break in oil and /or oil with ZDDP, see 800-931X or 800-1770.

Exhaust Duration @ .050 in.: 236

280= Lift (.480") Valve Lash Cold (.008/.010) Duration (280 deg) .050 Duration (232 deg)

290= Lift (.490") Valve Lash Cold (.010/.012) Duration (290 deg) .050 Duration (242 deg).

Both ground on 109LC.

* Stock cam lift is .433".

**Camshafts will likely come from the manufacturer with a theaded hole in the rear.  If you need this hole plugged (no spray bar) for lubing at the lobes, you will need plug PT# 800-1570 sold separately.