Oil Catch Can PCV Sytem 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 510

Brand: Z-Car Depot

Part #: 800-2212

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Oil catch can for adding to your Datsun car to reduce oil blow by and harmful vapors re-entering your engine.  Routing your engine vents from the crankcase and valve cover into a catch can help eliminate oil re-entering your intake and keep oil out of the engine bay.  This catch can has large 10AN ORB fittings to connect up to 3/4" hose to.  This catch can incorporates a filter element as well as a dipstick to check oil level in the canister.  Choose from optional fittings to outfit the catch can to work with your engine.   Dual catch can is two of the singles but with a dual bracket.   Compact size to fit most anywhere in the engine bay, 2.5" round by 4.5" tall. 


* See PT# 800-2189 for 10AN ORB to hose barb options.