Performance Camshaft Comp Racing Cam 240Z 260Z 280Z

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Part #: 800-850-280s

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New Comp Cams performance camshaft for Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX, 1970-83. Cams available are 260S, 280S and 292S.  Oil spray abr not required fro this cam.

-260S cam: Street performance cam with wide power band and smooth idle. This cam has larger specs than any factory "L" series cam. Mild upgrade from stock. Valve Lift: .420" Intake and Exhaust. Adv Duration: 260 @ .020, Duration @ .050= 214. 110 lobe centers.

-280S cam: Serious street use or mild road Racing. Strong mid-range with good top end. Valve Lift: .460" intake and exhaust. Adv duration: 280 @ .020" and 236 @ .050". 110 lobe centers.

-292S cam: Best cam for serious road racing. Strong top end power. Valve lift: .480" intake and exhaust. Adv duration: 292 @ .020" and 246 @ .050". 110 lobe centers.


Valve lash pad thickness may need to be altered with a performance cam. Here are some basic guidelines for the lash pad thickness.

260 duration cams normally need 0.160 to 0.170
270 duration cams normally need 0.170 to 0.180
280 duration cams normally need 0.180 to 0.190

Comp cams are custom ground and we try to keep them in stock but will require 2-3 weeks lead time if we are out of stock.

* Stock camshaft lift is .433".

*See PT# 650-349 for oil spray bar delete kit.

**Camshafts will likely come from the manufacturer with a theaded hole in the rear.  If you need this hole plugged (no spray bar) for lubing at the lobes, you will need plug PT# 800-1570 sold separately.