R180 Differential Rebuild Kit Bearings Seals 240Z 260Z 280Z

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Part #: 650-224

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R180 bearing and seal rebuild kit with.  Choose from kits made up of OEM or aftermarket bearings.

650-218: Aftermarket bearing and seal kit.

650-224 OEM Kit:

All parts in this kit are Genuine Nissan parts except for the axle seals which are NLA. Kit includes:

1- Cover Gasket (OE Nissan)

1- Pinion seal (OE Nissan)

2- Axle Seals (aftermarket)

2-Axle Bearings (OE Nissan)

1-Front Pinion Bearing (OE Nissan)

1-Front pinion ball bearing (ball joint) (OE Nissan)

1-Rear Pinion Bearing (OE Nissan)

2- Axle bolt O-rings (OE Nissan)