Rear Body Hatch Trim Stainless Steel 240Z 260Z 280Z

Brand: vendor-unknown

Part #: 650-010

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New Stainless Steel hardware kit for Datsun Z cars 1970-78. Fasteners for rear body/trim area. 160 pc. kit. Includes fasteners for: -Rear tow hooks to body -Hatch, rubber bumper to body -Rear bumper shock to body -Rear bumper rubber to body -Rear bumper to bumper shock -Hatch Hinge to body -Hatch lid to hinge -Taillight to taillight bezel -Dovetail striker to hatch lid -Bumper rubber to bumper -Fuel door to body -Hatch strut to hatch lid -hatch latch to hatch lid -Fuel filler neck to body -Hatch dovetail striker to body -Hatch striker to body