Rear Seat Bracket Brace Mount Floor Board 240Z 260Z

Brand: Z-Car Depot Inc

Part #: 800-2264

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New reproduction rear seat to floor board mounting bracket for Datsun 240Z.  Built as closely as possible to original specs out of stainless steel.  This metal is a little thicker than factory metal for added strength, 14GA..  This product was built based on an early 240Z bracket and looks to be the same from 1970-74 240Z and early 260Z,  might work on the 280Z with small modifications.  Sold as a complete assembly for the left or right side, or as individual pieces (3 pieces per mount).  Made in the USA.

The three individual components for each side are also available by themselves.

Stainless steel can be welded to regular mild steel with without any special wire or techniques, welds just like mild steel.

*See PT# 800-2266 and 800-2267 for the front brackets.