Steering Rack Boot Bellow 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX

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Part #: 800-214

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New steering rack boot (bellow) for 1970-81 240Z, 260Z 280Z and 280ZX.  We have found that every manufacturer makes these boots in a different size and it appears from our customers that the Z cars came with different sized racks as well over the years.  We have several different brands here and have taken measurements of the small and large ends so that you can decide what fits your car best.  We have found the 200-671 (OEM Nissan) or 800-487 is our most consistent best fit.  

Aftermarket 1= 11mm small end, 47mm large end (pt#800-214)

Aftermarket 2= 10mm small end, 43mm large end (pt# 800-487)

Aftermarket 3= 13.5mm small end, 38mm large end (pt#800-414)

Aftermarket 4= 8.5mm small end, 49mm large end

OEM Nissan=  8.5mm small end, 30mm large end.

Ends can expand approx 25% to go over the tie rod or rack.