Strut Gland Nut Wrench 240Z 260Z 280Z 510

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Custom wrench for the gland nut on the strut assembly found on Datsun 240Z, 260z and 280Z. This tool is used to remove the 8 sided thin nut that is often very tight on the strut assembly. There are two different sizes of these nuts found on the 70-78 Z cars, 50mm and 55mm.  The larger 55mm we tend to see on 1974-78 cars and the smaller 50mm on the 240Z and 510 (we cant say for sure what size you have on your car). This wrench engages the nut and will not slip off so that a 1/2" drive ratchet can be used or even tap with a hammer. Stainless steel 1/4" thick construction. * Please check to see which size tool you need before ordering.